El Ministerio Del Tiempo

A Virtual Reality episode for the Spanish tv show El Ministerio del Tiempo. The show, by RTVE, tells the adventures of the time patrols that control that no one changes History.

Shot using stereoscopic techniques and binaural sound, the experience, about 10 minutes long, allows the viewers to visit the Ministry of Time and face an interactive test to become time traveling civil servants. It’s a one of it’s kind opportunity to become a character of the series and interact with the rest in a completely immersive environment.

“El Ministerio del Tiempo is visually stunning and engages the viewer with interactivity. The quality of the production and the performance of actors were top-notch.” Soya Seo · Business dev. at River Studios

Client: RTVE

Directed By: Nicolás Alcalá and Pablo Lara

Release Date: April 2016

Format: Mini VR Episode

Length: 12 min

Tech: Live action + CGI

Devices: Samsung Gear VR (Europe only)